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Bamboo Tableware

Our tableware is made from a durable composite of bamboo and melamine. It's less fragile than glass or ceramic and very lightweight - ideal for patio, poolside or picnics, as well as everyday use.


How It's Made

Bamboo scraps are gathered from bamboo kitchenware manufacturers and ground into powder. The bamboo powder is mixed with corn starch and a non-toxic food-grade resin and poured into a mold. Each piece is set with a heat process that binds it together. Machinery is manually operated and individual pieces are hand polished.


Where It’s Made

All items are designed in Canada and manufactured in China. We use only facilities that are third party audited to uphold health and safety standards, humane work hours and fair wages



All our tableware is free of PVC, BPA and all phthalates, and is routinely tested to ensure it meets the highest safety standards for food contact materials.



Bamboo is a fast growing resource cultivated without fertilizers or pesticides. Additionally our dishware utilizes the waste scrap from chopstick factories that would otherwise be discarded.

Manufacturing bamboo composite tableware requires little water and energy especially compared to ceramic tableware production. 

This product is meant to be re-used repeatedly and is not compostable or biodegradable in a home compost. The melamine binder ensures durability and increases longevity. With a little care bamboo-melamine tableware will last for many years.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the tableware dishwasher safe?
Yes, as long as the water is no hotter than 70ºC or 158ºF.  We recommend using the top rack and no prolonged soaking.

Can it go in the microwave?
No. Bamboo tableware should not be heated in a microwave. Heating to boiling temperature (100°C/212° F) for an excessive period of time (90 minutes +) can melt the material, potentially causing migration of the resin binder.

Will it scratch?
Normal forks and knives will not scratch the surface but the use of steak knives is not recommended.

What happens if I drop it on the ground?
This product is not likely to shatter like glass or ceramic and will not usually break when dropped. But unlike all-plastic dishes, it may crack or chip if it hits a hard surface like tile or concrete with enough force.

More Questions?
Send us an email. We’re always happy to hear from you and will do our best to respond quickly!